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The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) is an autonomous multi-sectoral regulatory authority established by the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority Act, Cap 414 of the laws of Tanzania.

It is responsible for technical and economic regulation of the electricity, petroleum, natural gas and water sectors in Tanzania pursuant to Cap 414 and sector legislation.


The functions of EWURA include among others, licensing, tariff review, monitoring performance and standards with regards to quality, safety, health and environment.

EWURA is also responsible for promoting effective competition and economic efficiency, protecting the interests of consumers and promoting the availability of regulated services to all consumers including low income, rural and disadvantaged consumers in the regulated sectors.


We have 50 well-trained drivers for operating the whole fleet. All drivers are recruited through a stringent recruitment procedure and proper training is provided before taking charge of the trucks.

All the current drivers are trained under APTH training programme by certified trainer. All drivers are bound by signed contracts which bind them to deliver the goods without loss and contamination.

Fleet Tracking

All Trucks are fitted with On Board Computers (FM 3306 provided by Mix Telematics. South Africa) in order to have proper fleet tracking. This enables us track real time movement of the vehicles.

Servicing and Preventive Maintenance of the Vehicles

We are following the preventive maintenance programme for all our trucks and trailers as per the preventive maintenance programme prescribed by the manufacturer.

We are having maintenance arrangement with Scania Tanzania and Superdoll Trailer Manufacturing Co. Ltd for the fleet’s day -to-day maintenance requirements.

 Health, Safety and Environment

UKOD is committed to comply with all Health Safety and Environment aspects as per the International Standards.

All our drivers and other staff are trained in HSE matters and we strictly implement HSE compliance in our day to day business operations


Before embarking on any delivery operation all drivers are obliged to observe the following procedure:

  • The driver examines the truck’s condition in the morning before embarking on any journey. This includes checking the tyres, all lights, firefighting equipment and all the precautions as per training procedures.
  • Driving hours are confined from 6:00PM in the evening and drivers are allowed to drive only 9 hours maximum a day with break of 30 minutes after every 4 hours of driving
  • No mobile phone calls are allowed while driving.
  • Maximum allowed speed for the vehicle is 80 KPH.
  • Vehicles are allowed to stop only in safe parking areas
  • All trucks and trailers are having valid calibration chart and dip sticks certified by weights and Measures Authority of Tanzania.
  • All loaded Volumes will be checked by using dip sticks and sealing of all compartments should be done after the checking.
  • Seals should be broken only at the customer site and a customer representative should witness the same.
  • Dipping of the product should be conducted before offloading.
  • No product should be retained in the tanker and the driver should make sure to offload the entire product.
  • Proof of delivery signed by customer should be taken for all off-loadings
  • All Fuel Tanker maintenance should be done after observing the hot work procedure only. 
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